About the Artist

Marie Heintzman is a photographic artist based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Photography is my second career. In high school, I became deeply interested in working with profoundly hearing impaired children. Following an undergraduate degree in Speech Pathology and a Masters degree in Audiology, I focused on paediatric hearing loss, the impact of auditory processing disorders on learning and behaviour and remedial programs based on the neurophysiology of brain plasticity. After a long and rewarding professional career, I closed the doors to my clinical practice in 2009 and opened new ones, immersing myself in the study, exploration and creativity of Photography.

Attendance at the exclusive Summit Nature Photography Workshop in Jackson, Wyoming and early commercial work provided a challenging, steep learning curve, which honed my technical skills and gave me time to determine my photographic path. Propelled by a sense of adventure and compassion, I confirmed what I suspected from the beginning; my inspiration is found in Nature and in the challenges and triumphs of individual people around the world.

My photography studio is not bound by walls. In Nature, my senses are acute, my mind alert and my spirit soars. It is without boundaries and a world in which each moment is timeless. Sometimes I breathe in deeply and fully; sometimes I forget to breathe. Whether I am creating Light Tapestries from within heritage structures, capturing the essence of wildlife in their natural habitat, or documenting the lives of individual people, it involves a combination of focused study, exploration and creativity.

When someone views my photography, the greatest compliment is to have them pause and look again... to see, to feel, to connect; finding one’s self captured in that moment."

Solo Exhibition:


Light Tapestry Series 1, CONTACT Photography Festival,The Queen Mother Cafe, Toronto, May 1-June 30

Group Exhibitions:


The Mind's Eye, Light Tapestry Landscapes, Abstracts and Fleurons, CONTACT Photography Festival, Arta Gallery, Toronto, May 16- 31


Look Out Into My World, Wildlife: Today for Tomorrow, CONTACT Toronto Photography Festival, Arta Gallery, Toronto, May 2- 18


LAND, Survival, Gift of the Great Spirit, Dylan Ellis Gallery, Toronto, January 17 - March 1


PORTFOLIO, Once Upon an Eagle, Dylan Ellis Gallery, Toronto, March 2-30th


Red Light, Timeless Light, Featured Exhibition/ CONTACT Photography Festival Lonsdale Gallery Toronto, May 2- June 29

Juried Competition:

2014, Bison Ridge_02, Community Choice Award, RMG Exposed, Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, Ontario


WE ARE LIVINGSTONE , published, 2013

A photo documentary book celebrating the people of Livingstone, Zambia. Through indepth interviews, their stories are brought to life in both the hard copy and ebook version with vivid images, text and video footage. Links: ebook, Book, Amazon.com