1910 Wyoming Moulton Barn_02

Timeless Light

During my professional career, I was fascinated with the mind's agility in processing and interpreting sensory information. As an artist, I continue to explore the different ways in which the mind perceives the world around it and how the accepted norms can be challenged by creativity, curiosity and a camera. Much of my fine art photography has centred around creating what I refer to as Light Tapestries. Centuries-old architectural...

Ontario Barn_03

Landscapes and Abstracts 

My Light Tapestry Landscape and Abstract images are created when a centuries- old architectural structure, with its dim interior, pierced by beams of exterior light, is transformed into a type of natural camera obscura. From within, I am essentially drawing with the streaming beams of light, by carefully choreographing the movement of my hand held camera, to create different 'versions' of the outside scene. In this manner, I can create...

Ontario Fleuron_01


My Light Tapestry Fleuron designs are created in similar environments, using a different technique. The process starts with repeated observations of the fleeting, light patterns that occur at different times of the day and their interaction with various objects existing naturally, both inside and outside. I then weave the various pieces together to create the pattern, in my mind's eye.


Once Upon an Eagle

During annual canoe trips down the Snake River in Jackson, Wyoming, it was not uncommon to spot bald eagles peering down from the tree tops or soaring overhead. On this fall day, however, a mature bald eagle and a juvenile were feasting on a large trout at the water's edge. Quite oblivious to our presence... it was a photographer's dream.

Once Upon An Eagle represents a convergence of the photographic work which led to my...

Bison Ridge_03

Survival: Gift of the Great Spirit

I have had the privilege of observing and photographing wildlife in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem over the past 8 years. This unique area is the largest, mostly intact, temperate ecosystem in the northern hemisphere and home to the greatest concentration of wildlife in North America, including herds of free-roaming bison.

Bison are the largest land animals in North America, standing approximately 6 feet tall at their shoulders,...


Wildlife: Today for Tomorrow

I feel privileged and deeply connected to wildlife when I observe them in their natural habitat and am witness to the rhythm of their days.

Wildlife photography requires thoughtful preparation; knowledge of individual species, their habits and their habitat; often varying degrees of hiking, climbing and travel; endless patience; and a love of the outdoors in all kinds of weather. Despite such endurance and dedication, there may be only...